About Research for Action

About Research for Action

RFA is a Philadelphia-based, nonprofit education research organization. RFA seeks to use research as the basis for the improvement of educational opportunities and outcomes for traditionally underserved students. Our work is designed to strengthen public schools and postsecondary institutions; provide research-based recommendations to policymakers, practitioners and the public at the local, state and national levels; and enrich the civic and community dialogue about public education. Please visit our website to learn more about us and our projects: www.researchforaction.org.

About RFA's Postsecondary Portfolio of Work

RFA’s postsecondary portfolio focuses on comparative, large-scale studies of state policy and policy reform. RFA compares how states govern, support, reform and utilize the postsecondary sector; and examines how multiple initiatives operating within and across states affect the overall state postsecondary policy landscape. Importantly, RFA utilizes mixed methods to examine how policy development, design and implementation vary across states, and how contextual factors can affect the efficacy of these policies. RFA’s goal is to provide those on the front lines of postsecondary policy—state policymakers and institutional leaders—with practical insights and concrete lessons learned. Built upon strong relationships in the states we study, RFA’s work combines rigorous research methods with the first-hand experience our staff brings from state government, college and university teaching, and postsecondary administration. With a focus on access, success, and equity, RFA’s postsecondary work ranges from large-scale analyses of state- and system-level postsecondary policy to in-depth examination of changes in institutional culture and practice.



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